Eirini Koukouzellis

Registered Counsellor

Eirini is a HPCSA Registered Counsellor practicing in Cape Town, South Africa. She predominately works with adults. Apart from providing individual counselling, Eirini also provides couples and trauma counselling. She is passionate about engagement with individuals who relate to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, traumas, bereavement, loss and relational issues. Eirini mostly implements an integrated approach with her clients, she does not believe in one standard modality, but in multiple. She believes in combining relative theoretical understandings and modalities, such as cognitive behavioral techniques, solution-focused techniques and psycho-education (to name a few). Eirini utilizes these approaches to screen, promote, intervene and/or refer her clients confidently.  Her goal is to create a realm that exhibits the meaning of her name, “Peace”, and to create a safe space for her clients to feel the ability to express their authentic selves, knowing that congruency, confidentiality and unconditional positive regard is a given. Eirini was trained at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP), and has completed her internship at various non-profit organizations such as, Embrace Dignity, The Counselling Hub, and NICRO.

Eirini Koukouzellis - Registered Counsellor

Eirini covers the following areas:

  • Individual counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Trauma counselling